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Nagyon humorosan indult és egész sokáig meg is maradt ez a vonal, de a vígjáték címkét a sorozat végére elfelejthetjük. Nagyon PC, mindenkire odafigyelős, kicsit kényesebb témákba bele-belenyúlós, szórakoztató egyszer nézős. A zenék remekek!

Népszerű idézetek


Arnold (a Sherlock-maraton alatt): Dudes, can we please not talk during the show? Respect my Cumberbatch!


Rachel: So what's it like being a giant?
Arnold: It's pretty good. I always have a good view at a concert. Planes are tough, though. What's it like being tiny?
Rachel: Oh, it's fine. Planes are great. Concerts are tough.

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Ramesh: You realize fun is a new thing, right? Fun is a luxury only your generation really has.
Dev: What about when you were a kid? What did you do for fun then?
Ramesh: I simply studied, played outside, ate some rice, and went to bed.


Colin: So I do a movie where I am a car.
Dev: So it's like Knight Rider and you're doing the voice?
Colin: Nope! I am the car. Batman has a Batmobile. Thor has a Thor-mobile.
Dev: I don't think he does.


Rachel: I'm actually really glad that I ran into you. 'Cause it turns out that that Plan B pill was a dud. And I had your kid… Kids, actually. It was twins. Yeah, one white, one Indian.
Dev: You know, I thought it would probably be two beige ones. That's interesting.
Dev: Well, tell them twins I said, „What's up?”
Rachel: Yeah, they are expecting child support, so…
Dev: Oh, well, tell the white one to keep waiting. I'm only supporting the one that looks like me, so…


Dev: I usually Google „Scarlett Johansson head, shoulders, knees, and toes.” Sometimes I do just the head and shoulders, but the shampoo comes up. It's very confusing.


(Dev arról kérdezi a többieket, hogy mit írjon annak a lánynak, aki már két napja nem jelentkezik.)

Arnold: You send her a picture of a turtle climbing out of a briefcase. Then quickly write, „Whoops, sorry, wrong person.” You'll get an instant response back from her. It's mysterious,
and girls love mystery, brah.
Dev: I don't know, it might be a little risky for Alice.
Arnold: Don't be too quick to dismiss that turtle. Everyone wants to know what he's up to.
Arnold: Denise, a query. What if someone sent you a picture of a turtle climbing out of a briefcase?
Denise: Why is a turtle climbing out of a briefcase, Arnold?
Arnold: „Why?” indeed.

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Anush (miután megtudja, hogy a Rövidzárlat 2-ban az indiai fickó nem is indiai): Is Mindy Kaling real?


(Miután Dev egy castingon, ahol a névtelen indiai taxisofőr szerepét próbálja megszerezni, a normális hangján adja elő a szövegét)

Casting director: I want to try it again, but this time, we need you to do an accent.
Dev: You mean like an Indian accent?
Casting director: Yeah, yeah.
Dev: Uh, you know, I'd rather not. I just feel kind of weird doing that voice. Is that okay?
C.d.: You know, Ben Kingsley did an accent in Gandhi, and he won the Oscar for it, so…
Dev: But he didn't win the Oscar just for doing the accent. I mean, it wasn't an Oscar for Best Indian Accent. Also, might be strange to play Gandhi and talk like I'm talking now.
C.d.: I would argue that the same could be said of this cab driver.
Dev: I would argue that that's kind of a weird argument to make.


Christine: I go everywhere on my bike. It's the best.
Dev: Aren't you scared you'll get hit by a car and die?
Christine: Mm, nah, I've been hit, like, five times. This arm is completely metal.
Dev: Whoa. So you're like the Winter Soldier?
Christine: Who's that?
Dev: Captain America's best friend! The Winter Soldier? He's a super assassin? Also has a metal arm? Real name Bucky Barnes? Fun fact… my ex-girlfriend nicknamed my belly Bucky.
Christine: Oh, so to be clear, on our first date, we're gonna talk about your ex-girlfriend and comic books?
Dev: And my belly.

(2x04 – First Date)

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