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Új dal Christina Aguilerától az új Addams Family meséhez:…

Kapcsolódó filmek: Addams Family – A galád család (2019)

Addams Family – A galád család (2019)

Kapcsolódó művészek: Christina Aguilera


Franz Waxman: The Bride of Frankenstein

La-La Land Records and Universal Pictures proudly present our seventh title within the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection – the world premiere official release of the 1935 original soundtrack recording from the classic motion picture THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester, and directed by James Whale. Arguably unparalleled in its genre, BRIDE has and continues to enthrall generations with its cinematic power, a vital part of which is the film's astounding original music score by legendary composer Franz Waxman (REBECCA, SUNSET BLVD., SUSPICION, A PLACE IN THE SUN). This release, its premiere debut in any format, and a rarity for the score of its age, celebrates the Waxman legacy and recognizes the impact his BRIDE score has had in shaping the overall grammar of film scoring.

Sourced mainly from original acetates housed at the composer’s archives at Syracuse University and additional elements discovered by album producer Mike Matessino, this album presentation, meticulously restored and remastered by Matessino, brings an 84 year old classic score back to vivid life. While the entire score was not recovered, this 43 minute program is a fine representation of this classic work, and it retains the majority of the score’s most notable moments. The exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Frank K. DeWald include comments from album associate producer John Waxman, the composer’s son. The monsterously classic art design is by Dan Goldwasser. Limited to 3000 Units.


1. Main Title – The Bride Of Frankenstein 1:23
2. Prologue – Minuet 5:55
3. The Monster’s Entrance 2:20
4. Introducing Pretorius 1:22
5. You’ll Need A Coat :43
6. Pastorale – Village – Chase 3:22
7. Danse Macabre 2:40
8. The Creation 11:21
9. Presenting The Bride – The Explosion 4:14

Bonus Tracks
10. Pastorale – Village – Chase (Alternate Take Segment) 2:01
11. Danse Macabre (Alternate Take Segments) 4:24
12. The Creation (Alternate Take Segments) 3:05
13. The Creation (Finale) :28


Október 17.

Kapcsolódó filmek: Frankenstein menyasszonya (1935)

Frankenstein menyasszonya (1935)

Kapcsolódó művészek: Franz Waxman


Vicces, hogy én ezt hallgattam gyerekként, (Az eredetit, ami 1978-as.) mert anyum élettársának megvolt kazettán. :D
(4:16 – 11:50)-es szakasz a főtéma és a mai napig lenyűgöz.

Kapcsolódó filmek: Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Alive on Stage! The New Generation (2013)

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Alive on Stage! The New Generation (2013)