A holnap markában (James Bond 007 18.) (1997) 58

Tomorrow Never Dies
119' · amerikai, angol · akció, kaland, thriller 12

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Valaki egymás torkának akarja ugrasztani a világ nagyhatalmait. A nyomok Elliott Carver-hez, a nagy befolyású sajtómogulhoz vezetnek, aki hatalmas médiabirodalma segítségével könnyedén manipulál bárkit. Ha Carver-en múlik, az egész világon úrrá lesz a káosz. Itt csakis egyvalaki csinálhat… [tovább]

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Pierce BrosnanJames Bond
Jonathan PryceElliot Carver
Michelle YeohWai Lin
Teri HatcherParis Carver
Judi DenchM
Desmond LlewelynQ
Samantha BondMiss Moneypenny
Ricky JayHenry Gupta
Götz OttoStamper
Joe Don BakerJack Wade

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miért zuhan egy ember gyorsabban, mint egy repülőgép? Azért, mert ő James Bond.
(na jó nem, csak vicceltem.)

Brosnan öregszik (de jól áll neki), Bond pedig egyre szórakoztatóbb.

Népszerű idézetek

Admiral Roebuck: With all due respect, M, sometimes I don't think you have the balls for this job.
M: Perhaps. But the advantage is, I don't have to think with them all the time.

Elliot Carver: Mr. Jones, are we ready to release our new software?
Jones: Yes, sir. As requested, it's full of bugs, which means people will be forced to upgrade for years.
Elliot Carver: Outstanding.

Q: It's the insurance damage waiver for your beautiful new car. Now, will you need collision coverage?
James Bond: Yes.
Q: Fire?
James Bond: Probably.
Q: Property destruction?
James Bond: Definitely.
Q: Personal Injury?
James Bond: I hope not, but accidents do happen.
Q: They frequently do with you.
James Bond: Well, that takes care of the normal wear-and-tear. Is there any other protection I need?
Q: Only from me 007, unless you bring that car back in pristine order.

James Bond: [after throwing a bad guy into a printing press] They'll print anything these days.

Dr. Kaufman: This is very embarrassing. It seems there is a red box they need in your car, only they can't get it open. They want me to get you to tell how to open it. I feel like an idiot, I don't know what to say.
[Bond just smiles]
Dr. Kaufman: I am to torture you if you don't do it.
James Bond: Do you have a doctorate in that as well?
Dr. Kaufman: No, no this is more like a hobby… but I am very gifted.
James Bond: Oh, I believe you.

Dr. Kaufman: [aims his gun at Bond] But now, Mr. Bond, I am afraid that our little…
[burst of static from his earpiece]
Dr. Kaufman: Ah, Stamper! Stop yelling in my ear, ja?
Mr. Stamper: Sir, they can't get into the car.
Dr. Kaufman: Oh, you can't be serious. Did you call the Auto Club?
Mr. Stamper: Do *you* want to call them? Make him tell you how to open it.
Dr. Kaufman: O-O-Okay. Ja, I ask.

[finding Paris's body in his hotel room, Bond suddenly realizes the news report in the background is reporting his death along with hers]
Dr. Kaufman: [click] I have a clear shot at your head, Mr. Bond. Stand up, slowly, drop your gun, and kick it towards me, ja?
[Bond does so]
Dr. Kaufman: Good. Now sit down on the bed next to Mrs. Carver.
[Bond does so, and Kaufman turns off the TV and extracts a videotape from the VCR]
Dr. Kaufman: The story will be on the news in an hour.
James Bond: „Tomorrow's News Today.”
Dr. Kaufman: Just so.

James Bond: It won't look like a suicide if you shoot me from over there.
Dr. Kaufman: I am a professor of forensic medicine. Believe me, Mr. Bond, I could shoot you from Stuttgart and still create the proper effect.

Q: I am not interested in your sordid escapades. Let's get on with it, shall we. Your new telephone. Talk here. Listen here.
James Bond: So that's what I've been doing wrong all these years.
Q: Look, it also includes a fingerprint scanner. a 2,000 volt security system, and this I'm particularly proud of – the remote control for your car. Tap twice. One. Two.
[Car starts]
Q: Now, draw very slowly across the pad to drive the car. It's surprisingly difficult to drive; but, with practice…
James Bond: Well, let's see how she responds to my touch, eh, Q?

Elliot Carver: The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.



James Bond 007

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