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Lisa Niemi: When he went up to New York I remember see him on stage in Eliot Feld ballet. He was probably at his best at there point. (…) I thought to myself there's nothing more beautiful when see a masculine man move with such a grace. Buddy had that and like almost nobody else did! You know? Not like that!


Patrick Swayze: (…) most times people stop themselves from going for something in their life because they'll be in the limelight and what if they blow it, everybody's gonna laugh or ridicule them or whatever… Who cares? That mean, you're only on this planet for so long you could be dead tomorrow! Go for it now! You know?

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Lisa Niemi: […] and the moment I looked in his eyes it was like everything came alive.

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He was this mucho guy, but he truly had the soul of a poet.

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