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– Basically, the whole past is just fiction.
– But if I don't try to express it, it remains the core of my being. Don't you think our lives are built upon the supports of our first experience?
– Quite the reverse! It's more like a millstone we drag around. If one isn't freed from
one's own memory…then one isn't really free. „The money we lose” says Borges, "and
the money we find five days later…"are not entirely the same" How can we accept it
continued to exist…both yesterday and the day before?
– For a long time now, I've been interested in dreams. My own dreams are a reality to me who dreams them. My dream achievements are a reality to me who dreams them. Therefore, if we want to preserve our dreams…we should never go back to sleep.
– All the same…if you can't control your dreams, or edit your memories…you're still not a true creator.

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