Bo Burnham: Make Happy (2017) 9

60' · amerikai · stand-up 18

Bo Burnham az élet, halál, képmutatás, mentális betegség és Pringle dobozok témáját járja körül új stand-up műsorában.

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Bo Burnham: Make Happy (2017)



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I was born in 1990 and I was sort of raised in America when it was a cult of self-expression, and I was just taught, you know: express myself and have things to say and everyone will care about them. And I think everyone was taught that, and most of us found out that no one gives a shit what we think…They say it’s the ‘me’ generation. It’s not. The arrogance is taught or it was cultivated. It’s self-conscious. That’s what it is, it’s conscious of self. Social media is just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform, so the market said “Here, perform everything, to each other, all the time for no other reason.” It’s prison, it’s horrific. It’s performer and audience melded together. What do we want more than to lie in bed at the end of the day and just watch our lives as a satisfied audience member? I know very little about anything, but I do know this: that if you can live your life without an audience, you should do it.


That life's toughtest problems don't have simple answers. You shouldn't just be brave. You shouldn't just roar. You shouldn't kill yourself.


Now the good thing is that at least men have very realistic expectations for women… He said, sarcastically setting up a second verse in a comedy song

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