John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid (2015) 11

62' · amerikai · stand-up

John Mulaney önálló estje házasságról és gyerekekről.


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John Mulaneyönmaga

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Örülök, hogy a Netflix stand-up felhozatalából végül ezt választottam, ugyanis John Mulaney zseniális. Biztos, hogy minden fellelhetőt meg fogok tőle nézni. Egyébként a leírás kicsit félrevezető, mert nem egészen ezekről van szó a Comeback Kidben, illetve nem úgy, ahogy azt a leírás sugallja.

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Our real estate agent wanted us to have a baby more than anyone else in our lives, more than anyone in our family. She hinted about it constantly. Every room she walked into, she'd be like „So, this could be an office…or maybe a nursery.” […] „This is on-fire garbage can… Could be a nursery.” She showed me a backyard once. She goes, „I don't even like this backyard for you.” I was like „Oh, do tell.” She said „It's all pavement. I think you should have some grass out there. You know in case you have a couple… little guys… running around in the grass.” And I got offended on behalf of my imaginary kids. I was like „Hey, lady!” I went outside about as much as Powder, from the movie Powder. „My children are not gonna be playing out on grass. They will be up in their rooms playing violent video games and catfishing pedophiles.”


No one cared about my opinion when I was a little kid. No one cared what I tought. Sometimes, people would say, „What do you think you're doing?” But that just meant „Stop.”


My parents trusted every grown-up more than they trusted me. I don't mean coaches and teachers. Any human adult's word was better than mine. Any hobo or drifter could have taken me by the ear up to the my front door and been like, „Excuse me! Your kid bit my dick.” And my mom would be like „John Edmund Mulaney, did you bite this nice man's dick?” And I would be the only one who's like, „Hey, doesn't anyone wanna know why his dick was near my biters in the first place? Isn't anyone curious as to how I had access?”


So, we're on the highway. We've been on the road for three hours, and in the distance, we see a McDonald's. We see the golden arches and we got so excited. We started chanting: „McDonald's! McDonald's! McDonald's! McDonald's!” And my dad pulled into the drive-thru, and we started cheering. And then, he ordered one black coffee for himself and kept driving. And you know, as mad as that made me as a little kid, in retrospect, that is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.


I didn't make it sound like we don't want children. We don't but I didn't mean to make it sound like that.


I grew up before children were special. I did. Very early ’80s, right before children became special. Like, I remember when milk carton kids became a thing. When they're were like „Hey, we should start looking some of these guys. I don't think they're just blowing off steam.”

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