A jövő bűnei (1970) 7

Crimes of the future
70' · kanadai · sci-fi, kísérleti film, művészfilm

Cronenberg második korai kísérleti filmje, ahol 1997-ben az összes felnőtt nő meghal a kozmetikai szerek okozta járvány miatt.

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Ronald MlodzikAdrian Tripod
Jack Messinger
Paul Mulholland
Tania Zolty
William Haslam
William Poolman

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– My former colleague has somehow withdrawn. He himself has contracted a species of venereal disease from one of his patients. He was once a fierce sensualist but he has now become a pure metaphysician. His body has begun to create puzzling organs. Each one very complex, very perfect, unique yet seemingly without function. As each is surgically removed,
it is quickly replaced by another equally mysterious. He has taken to breaking into the specimens room and stealing the jars containing these organs. His body, he insists, is a galaxy. And these creatures are solar systems. He becomes melancholy when they are far from him.

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