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Az évek során azt hittem, minden képet láttam, tévedtem.

Kapcsolódó művészek: Gillian Anderson · David Duchovny

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Kezdek most már kikészülni, legyen már december 7.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D
Imádom Krycek-et!!!!!!! Annabeth Gish és Mitch Pileggi is jön!!!!!

A kép forrása: spoiler

Kapcsolódó filmek: X-akták (1993–2018)

X-akták (1993–2018)

Kapcsolódó művészek: Nicholas Lea

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La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox Television and 20th Century Fox TV Records present the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Mark Snow’s (THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, BLUE BLOODS) original score to the 11th season of FOX’s landmark TV series, THE X-FILES, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and created by Chris Carter. The X-FILES’ exciting 11th season aired in 2018, with all new episodes – and incredible, all-new original scores from Mark Snow, the maestro who has been responsible for the show’s legendary musicscape for its entire run. Snow’s familiar, classic motifs expertly meld with new sonic delights, resulting in the unique dynamic blend of atmosphere, drama, warmth and chills that are a signature component of this beloved show. Produced by Mike Joffe and Mark Snow, and mastered by James Nelson, this special 2-CD presentation, limited to 3000 units, assembles the musical highlights from the acclaimed 11th season! Exclusive, in-depth liners by writer Randall D. Larson, with new interview comments from the composer, take you behind the episodes and their scores, while Mark Banning’s sharp art design complements this otherworldy release!


Disc One –
1. Recap (0:55)
2. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 9) (0:36)
3. Carl Gerhard Busch (2:47)
4. The Brain Code Says Find Him/Where’s the Boy (7:32)
5. Super Human Experimental Casualties (2:04)
6. Wheels and Squeals (3:04)
7. Broken Promise (3:44)
8. My Enemies Are Legion/All You Had To Do Was Knock (5:23)
9. Heavy Wheeling (8:34)

10. Russian Dressing (4:40)
11. Fatal Error (6:44)
12. Vacated (0:49)
13. Destroy the Backup (0:21)

14. House of Chucky P (1:46)
15. Still Got Scoot in Your Boot (2:12)
16. Unraveling (1:05)
17. Scully Sees Scully (1:30)
18. It’s Spreading (1:39)
19. Hanging the Hangman (4:54)
20. In The Realm of Possibilities (0:37)

21. My Name is Not Buddy (1:43)
22. Rod Serling Appears (0:30)
23. A True Fan (0:25)
24. Dr. Wuzzle (1:02)
25. Dr. Thaddeous They (1:30)
26. The Grenada UFO Stamp (2:26)
27. The Untold History of The X-Files (1:27)
28. Henchmen (0:33)
29. Fox Freakin’ Mulder (0:48)
30. Jumpin’ (0:13)
31. Reginald Murgatroid (1:25)
32. Straight Jacket (0:18)
33. The Truth From Outside the Galaxy/Answers to Anything (1:08)
34. To Find Each Other (0:58)
35. Remember How It Was (0:31)
Disc One Total Time: 77:22

Disc Two
1. Ship-Shapes (2:44)
2. Jackson Van De Camp (1:50)
3. No Browsing History/The Bigger Picture (3:13)
4. Jackson is William (2:00)
5. Jackson’s Escape (5:45)
6. Stand for Something (0:51)

7. Davey’s Big Knife (0:58)
8. The Boy that Hates Kittens (3:44)
9. The Seeds of Mistrust (4:19)

10. Silver Moon/Drone Fever/Batting Practice/
Package/Drone Rescue/Vacuum (3:15)
nothing lasts forever
11. A Tasty Pancreas/I Will Repay (4:01)
12. Loved You on Dragnet (3:06)
13. Olivia Shows Her Love to Barbara (1:06)
14. I Will Deliver (3:58)

15. Mr. Chuckleteeth #1 (0:19)
16. Almost Knocked Me Over (3:40)
17. Mr. Chuckleteeth #2 (0:20)
18. The Ritual Burn/Mr. Chuckleteeth (7:18)

19. Recap/My Name is Jackson Van De Camp (5:11)
20. Mr. Y Go Bye (2:51)
21. Jackson’s Action (1:44)
22. Arriving at the Docks (4:04)
23. Floating Away (5:30)
24. He Shot Him and He Shot Me (3:56)
25. THE X-FILES End Credits (New Orbit) (0:35)
26. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare* (0:08)
27. The X-Files Theme (a cappella) (1:07)
Performed by The Warp Zone
* – Music Composed by Alfred Newman
Disc Two Total Time: 78:51
Total Set Running Time: 2:36:48
Original Series Score and Fox Fanfare
Published by T C F Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)

Kapcsolódó filmek: X-akták (1993–2018)

X-akták (1993–2018)

Kapcsolódó művészek: Mark Snow


Magyarországra jön David Duchovny :)
„2019. február 11-én lép fel zenekarával Budapesten, a MoM Sportban.”

Kapcsolódó művészek: David Duchovny


Most nézem a tizenegyedik évadot, és feltűnt, hogy a bemondó teljesen más címeket mond be, mint ami az epizódlistához írva van.
1. rész: „Az én harcom 3” – „My Struggle III” Van írva ide is, meg a wikipédiára is, a mély hangú bácsi meg azt mondja címnek, hogy „Hinni akarok”
2. rész: Wikipédia és itt: „Ez” – „This”. A részben: „A bűneiddel vádold az ellenségeidet”.

Most akkor én rossz sorozatot nézek, vagy mi a szösz? :)

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