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Billie: What does he see in her?
Josie: Who?
Billie: Bianca. I found her. What is it about her?
Josie: I don't know. She seems quite happy.
Billie: And she's so f*cking thin. I hate that.
Josie: I know.
Billie: Where's all the damage? What the f*ck does she even talk about?
Josie: I guess we just have to remember that most people aren't wet for trauma like we are.
Billie: But trauma's all we've got.
Josie: I know.
Billie: Ok. How do I be more like her?
Josie: Don't worry. She's basic. She's „live, laugh, love.” We're… death, silence, hate. They'll go out for a bit, she'll break his heart, he'll be alone and vulnerable, and that's when we strike.
Billie: And what the f*ck am I supposed to do in the meantime?
Josie: I don't know. Stop texting him and leave him alone for a bit?

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