Mango TV

Cuo Liao (2023–)
Only For Love / Accidental Love · 以爱为营 / Yi Ai Wei Ying
Hu Tong (2022–)
Alley · 胡同
Fu Liu Nian (2022–2022)
Lost Track of Time · 覆流年
Dujia tonghua (2022–)
Exclusive Fairytale / The Rabbit Overwhelms the Grass at the Edge of the Nest / Once We Come Across Love · 独家童话 / 獨家童話 / 兔子压倒窝边草
Yi Ye Xin Niang 2 (2022–)
The Romance of Hua Rong 2 · 一夜新娘2
Ying Di De Gong Zhu (2022–2022)
Be My Princess / Movie King and His Princess / The Movie King's Princess / Will You Be My Mistress? · 影帝的公主
Wo Yao He Ni Zuo Xiong Di (2022–2022)
I Don't Want To Be Brothers With You · 我要和你做兄弟
Huang Yan Shi Yong Fa Ze (2022–2022)
Better a Lie Than a Truth / The Law of Lies / 謊言使用法則 · 谎言使用法则