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TENNANT: When I was a kid, my dad, if we lied, would make us stand in the corner for half an hour.
SHEEN: Did it stop you lying?
TENNANT: Well, for half an hour, yeah.

3. rész – Who The F#!k is Michael Sheen?

David: Where are the kids?
Georgia: Quiet.
David: Are they OK?
Georgia: I don't know.
David: Should they not be doing school?
Georgia: They're finished for the day.
David: It's, like, half past ten in the morning!
Georgia: OK, I'm finished for the day. How many fucking rainbows does a four-year-old need to make?

2. rész – Up To No Good

Michael Sheen: I want my name first.
David Tennant: What?
Michael Sheen: On the poster.
David Tennant: There isn't a poster.
Michael Sheen: „Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Six Characters”.
David Tennant: No.
Michael Sheen: Why not?
David Tennant: You were first in Good Omens.
Michael Sheen: So?
David Tennant: So it's my turn.


Michael Sheen: Teach them a craft instead. Get them up a chimney.
David Tennant: Mmm.
Michael Sheen: Pickpocketing!
David Tennant: Like in Oliver Twist?
Michael Sheen: Yeah. You could send them out across London and back they'd come, their little withered arms full of plunder.
David Tennant: „I bring home some neckerchiefs and wristwatches!”
Michael Sheen: „I sold my legs, Father. Can I have a little morsel?”
David Tennant: It's not a bad idea.
Michael Sheen: Just planting seeds.
David Tennant: It is in stark contravention of social distancing laws.
Michael Sheen: Oh, well, I assumed if you were OK with your kids robbing total strangers, you'd be fine with them ignoring the 2m rule.

2. rész – Up To No Good

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